Generating your access token

Using the Python API requires an API token, which you can obtain from this link. Simply log-in, go to the upper-rightmost corner, click the “Need API Access?” button, then “Generate token”:


Basic usage

The LinkSight API client can be used like any other Python packages. To perform matching, simply follow these steps:

  • Create an instance of linksight.Client by supplying your API token
  • Call create_dataset while providing the path to your dataset as a CSV file.
  • Perform matching on the resulting dataset by providing the columns
    corresponding to the “Barangay”, “Municipality”, and “Province”
import linksight
import pandas

# Insert your API token here
# In practice, you should not expose nor share your
# personal token to others

# Create an instance of the Client
ls = linksight.Client(<API_TOKEN>)

# Provide your dataset to the API
# You can also pass a DataFrame, i.e. ls.create_dataset(df)
with open('path/to/my/dataset.csv') as fp:
    ds = ls.create_dataset(fp)

# Perform matching by specifying the column names
# for the respective admin level
match = ds.match(

# Get the matched dataset as a DataFrame